About WeekerTees

Our Story

WeekerTees is the brainchild of award winning Interactive Media Arts graduate and father of three, Mark Sheppard. A former chef and butcher and currently a part time musician, Mark left his career in catering to pursue an education that would allow his creative juices to flow more. After gaining an HND and then a first class Honours degree Mark entered the Digital Causeway Graduate Accelerator Program to try and turn his passion and ideas into a fully blown business. With advise and mentoring from various professionals Mark created one original design based on a line from a Thin Lizzy song. Using social media he gained good feedback on the design and went on to create a few more similar items. These designs were all scrutinised by friends online and offline after some careful research Mark invested in some basic equipment to physically produce the T-Shirts himself.

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After meeting with many suppliers and sampling various methods of the printing process Mark decided to try and sell a few items on eBay with the 5 designs he had created. Sales were slow to start with but after a couple of months eBay began to create some sales and in turn happy customers, it was at this point the decision was made to create a range of designs and a brand for his business. Six months down the line, Weeker Tees is has posted more that 2000 high quality, ethically sourced t-shirts to more than 26 different countries worldwide via his eBay shop. Each one of these has been designed and decorated by Mark from his home-based workshop in Portrush, Northern Ireland. Though Weeker Tees is an online business Mark is also a big believer in supporting local businesses and has plans to use his skills and creativity to help promote others causes as well as his own.

Our Name

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Our business was named Weeker Tees for more than one reason. First of all Mark wanted something relative to his home county of Northern Ireland, a word that demonstrates our sense of humour to those who get it. The second reason was based on the growing popularity of online daily T-Shirt sales sites, where a design is listed for sale for 24 hours, giving the buyer a limited amount of time to make the purchase before the design is replaced by another daily T-Shirt design. Our take on this is our ‘Weeker Tee’ where we select one or more designs and they will remain on sale for a discounted rate for that week, after that week this design will be added to our online shop at its regular price and the Weeker Tee will be replaced with a new design.

Our Objective

We have one main objective and that is to create “Good Business”, what is this I hear you ask? We are sure there are many great opinions on what make good business but we at Weeker Tees would like to let you know what we think “Good Business” is. We believe that by combining 3 crucial elements and sticking to them religiously we will create a successful brand of creative clothing.


Our Future

Having already become an eBay Top Rated Seller within the first eight months of trading shows our dedication to the brand we are building. At this stage (Sept 2015) we are weeks away from our “Weeker” brand becoming an official trademark, then from here we will be releasing many new original designs along with our own interpretations of existing ideas. Although we have sold to over 26 countries worldwide and will continue to do so, we will be working alongside many local events and businesses to promote their brands with our products. Even at this point local legends like IBF World Boxing Champ Carl Frampton and “Portmagics” host from the coast Alan Simpsom have been spotted in our T-Shirts.

With our own website only having launched we will be spending the remainder of 2015 concentrating on building our design collection and fine tuning our business though talks are already in progress for expansion in 2016, watch this space for news as it comes! In the meantime we would like to thank all of our customers past, present and future for making this possible. It was always a dream of ours to build a family business using our own knowledge, entrepreneurship and creativity, and no matter how good we are at it, we are nothing without our loyal customers!