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Quite a lot of our design ideas begin on a sketchpad though most of the process takes place digitally using a combination of up to date graphic design software packages. Once we have finalized the design we then convert it to a vector format and separate the colours to ensure it will suit our printing methods.

Even though we are constantly researching new methods of printing we have found that using vinyl printing is the best option for us until other technologies become more reliable in the future. To ensure a durable vivid print we contour cut the required colours, trim away the excess and use a heat press to transfer the vinyl to the shirt in separate layers.

With the correct care of your garment this print should remain on the shirt for a very long time, though in the event of anything peeling over the years all you need to do is place a sheet of greaseproof paper over the design and press down with medium pressure using an hot iron on full power. This process will reheat the adhesive and re stick the vinyl to the shirt making it as good as new.

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After experimenting with a range of products over the last few years we have decided to stick to what we are good at… producing good quality creative clothing. We do have plans to branch out into other markets in the future but for now we will be concentrating on our current product range.


The majority of our garments, (excluding the ringer style tees) are produced by Gildan who are world leaders in creating quality “Ethically Sourced” clothing. What this means is that all the people who work in the factories where our garments are made are paid a fair wage and given satisfactory working conditions. Gildan practice direct employment therefore the responsibility of ethical practices lies directly with them and not a sub contractor, and to date they have lived up to their standards.

You can view up to date policies and projects by clicking this link.


When it comes to the quality of T-Shirts, it is true that you get what you pay for, and we tend to go a bit higher than many other online T-Shirt sellers. Through meeting with suppliers and extensive market research we have found that the public would prefer to pay that little, (and I mean little) bit extra for quality. We ensure the materials are soft to the touch, and where ever we can we use Pre Shrunk, Ringspun cotton. Experience has been proof that once our customers feel these T-Shirts, they know straight away that the quality high, just check our eBay feedback for proof of this. We never sell cheap/budget products, we have found that by having a good relationship with our UK based supplier we are able to produce our garments to a high standard whilst still keeping our prices affordable.


Even though Weeker Tees is mostly ran by Mark he is regularly helped out by his wife and elder sons. Being a dedicated family man he started this business after completing university to support his family and improve their quality of life.

Mark has shown solid business qualities and asides from making money he takes a real pride in the work he does. He has taken influences from many life experiences to create these products with a genuine passion. Though Weeker Tees has recently become his main priority he has no plans on stopping there and the future is looking bright for the North Coasts newest entrepreneur.

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At the time of writing Weeker Tees is solely an online business, ran from a purpose built workshop in Marks home in Portrush. The is no public pick up or retail outlet as yet but there are plans to branch out in the future.

We ship out items 5 days a week and during busier periods like Christmas we also ship on Saturdays. If you order online from us your order will be shipped the same day if ordered before 1pm, and 70% of our domestic post arrives the next day. Which when you consider we ship anywhere in the UK for free, is a great track record. Unlike some other online sellers don’t use online shipping, we also our local post office to support another local businesses within our community.
Again please check our eBay feedback for conformation of our fast and free shipping, a lot of customers are pleasantly surprised and regularly return to purchase again!


This is the easiest part of this page, the simple reason is that “We Love What We Do!”

Having seen our designs worn by local sporting heroes such as Carl Frampton and having built this business from nothing but sheer determination and hard work, it is satisfying to see it grow. Having come from a catering background Mark feels a lot more “at home” running his own business where he can use his creativity to create an income to support his family. For that he thanks a lot of people who have helped him along the way, but none more so than his customers!

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