WeekerTee’s Featured in Causeway Coast Community



“With the support of dcGAP, Mark Sheppard has developed his design business, Weeker Tees.

Weeker Tees supplies original t-shirts designed and made by Mark from his home-based workshop in Portrush. All made to order, they’re inspired by Mark’s love of music and indeed, his own experiences as a part-time musician. It’s a concept which, he admits, could have gone drastically wrong, but Mark’s unique, quirky designs have been a big hit on eBay and he has high hopes for the future.

“Some of the t-shirts are inspired by a line out of a song. Ideas come from the strangest places. I like to let them sit for a while, then I draw the design on a sketch pad and later digitise them, with most of the tweaking then done on the computer.”

Starting off trade testing in January this year, Mark quickly began trading for real as his business took off.  He’s now working on a trademark for his designs and hopes to acquire a business unit in Portrush as soon as possible.

As a dcGAP participant Mark has benefited from one-to-one mentoring sessions with business mentor Leo Mullan of Causeway Enterprise Agency.”


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